From China a Copy of the Small BMW G 310 GS

And if the German industry seems too refined and expensive to you, here is a shameless copy of the small BMW car: it’s called Everest Kaiyue 400X and, if you haven’t noticed it yet, it’s identical to the BMW G 310 GS.

At the call of the Chinese industry’s copyright violations, a small Adventure was missing, so, Everest thought well to “take inspiration” from the little Bavarian, to put on the Asian market Kaiyue 400X. The “similarity” is not difficult to notice: the wording GS turns into GY, while the design of the front headlamp, the tank, the so-called “beak” and even the colors used are clearly copied by G 310 GS.

In terms of mechanics, the Kaiyue 400X has gone one step further than the bike it is “inspired” by. The engine is slightly larger: it would be a liquid-cooled, 8-valve, 378cc single-cylinder engine supplied by Chinese manufacturer Zongshen. With 35 hp declared and 35 Nm of maximum torque, all combined with a six-speed gearbox, the little Chinese girl promises better performance than the original GS. The BMW engine stops at 313 cc, 34 hp and 28 Nm of maximum torque.

What about the chassis? The small Chinese GS looks good, with 41 mm upside-down forks with long stroke and a single shock absorber at the rear. To stop the stroke, two 290 mm discs at the front and a single 240 mm disc at the rear with dual channel ABS. But that’s not all: the Kaiyue 400X also offers an adjustable windscreen, a 12-volt charging port, All-Terrain tyres and a 20-litre tank. Of course, there are also matching accessories: top box and side cases. The price to the public is 29,800 yuan, or about 3,600 euros.

Now, considering that BMW produces the Giessina in India with the intention of conquering the emerging countries of Asia, will it decide to file a complaint against the Chinese manufacturer for copyright infringement or will it put a stone on it? The similarity is obvious, but Chinese policies make it difficult for people to live against shameless cases of copies.

The Munich-based company can, however, leverage the Land Rover case: the British brand, just recently, won a lawsuit against an open copy of Range Rover Evoque. The Beijing Court ruled that the Landwind X7 was too “similar” to the British SUV.


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