Honda: Puig Responds, in His own Way, to Lorenzo and Crutchlow

And when the fate and balance of the team are in the hands of Alberto Puig, the situation can only get hot. A few days ago, in fact, the news of the alleged ultimatum to Lorenzo and Crutchlow by today’s Team Manager of HRC.

The English satellite team had started well in the 2019 season, although he was still in the recovery phase after the accident in Australia last year. The podium in Qatar, however, has deceived everyone a bit, perhaps even Crutchlow himself, who now finds himself behind his young teammate Nakagami.

On the other side there is Jorge Lorenzo. He passed in HRC after the defeat in Ducati, he promised fire and flames. Instead, only disappointments from the Majorcan who complains, along with the aforementioned Crutchlow, a development of the RC213V too much in the hands of Marc Marquez. We know that, after his visit to Japan, at Honda headquarters, Jorge received some ergonomic updates that were so convenient for him. We also know how it ended up at Montmelò.

Honda’s engineers, on the basis of what Marquez reported and his rather aggressive riding style, have loaded the bike on the front, making it very physical, something that Lorenzo does not go down. In addition, a bike to ride “with the body” also requires a more durable front tire, because of the increased consumption of the same, the riders are forced, therefore, to adopt hard compounds in front that offer less feeling, affecting the first laps of the race.

And then there is Puig who on his side has the “support” of that Martian who almost every weekend brings home a victory and who is already ready to deliver the blow of the K.O. to his opponents when there are still twelve Grand Prix at the end of the MotoGP Championship. Same bike as the other two, same front end of which complained Crutchlow. And then, as Alberto Puig himself declared, the synthesis of the speech is one and only one: “In Honda the bike is this, shut up and run!

We want to close with a reflection of our own. But if Honda where to find itself suddenly without Marquez (assuming the transition to another team), what would he do? He would find himself in the garage with a bike that is difficult to ride, (too much) sewn onto the Martian.


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