Moto3, Dalla Porta on the Altars: Race and World Leadership!

Here is the tricolour in the wind of the Sachsenring and the notes of Mameli’s anthem that keep the clouds high, threatening, but without dropping a drop of water. Finally, Lorenzo Dalla Porta smiles on the highest step of the podium, always measured, with a tear impossible to hide in his well-deserved and splendid first triumph of the season (his second world champion) of a Moto3 even today exciting, drawn and full of twists and turns. Capital proof of maturity for the champion from Prato who thus breaks in the best way the “damned” strand of the second places won so far. Bravo Lore! For the first time in his career, he also conquers – pro tempore – the top of the general classification (125 points) ahead of Canet (123 points), third today in the sprint at 120 thousandths from the winner and 48 thousandths from the second classified admirable Ramirez, teammate of Dalla Porta, who thanks him for keeping behind just his most direct opponent.

If it is right and more, to praise Dalla Porta, splendid for the tactics and determination with which he wanted the victory – today never a smear in the fiery endless body to body – is due to pay tribute to Aron Canet. Starting in 20th place, Max Biaggi’s Team’s rider produced a desperate chase, gaining strength gradually positions, dodging his rivals without compliments as cumbersome pins, already leading halfway through the race to hook up the top ten, then playing fastest laps in the top five, even managing to get in the lead, even if in the end burned by the Italian-Spanish pair of Team Leopard. What a comeback! If Dalla Porta has done a masterpiece, Canet has done a … miracle. In such a race nothing is missing, including controversy over the fairing of holds and dates. It also applies to the upper floors, in this case some big words after the race between Fenati and Canet that overtaking us went down as if he were alone on the track.

Fenati, today really on the ball despite paying in the end the choice of soft rear tire, for only 65 thousandths of a second does not conquer the coveted podium, while deserving praise for his best race of the season, which also earned him his best placement 2019 and the push to climb soon even further ahead. It’s a shame for Tony Arbolino, who was also the protagonist of a comeback-monstre, but he didn’t finish with the well-deserved success because, when he was about to launch the decisive attack by hooking the tread, he was slowed down for problems yet to be specified, forced to raise the lap time and to close in 15th place. It was also a shame for Antonelli, in great recovery, then he too was forced to raise the pace, finishing 12th little by a second from the top and remaining third in the standings (87 points). There is time for the two Italians to make up for it. There were many crashes, including those of Lopez and Rodrigo at the beginning, then of Booth-Amos, and of Arenas and Toba at the end as well as, just on the last lap, Binder, Foggia and Vietti. The championship, already inflamed, is on fire. The rest is in the news.


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